ONE GOOD TREE-a book by Irene Isobel Carver

Hello readers!
This is a great book written by my sister Irene. One Good Tree
covers the years from 1948-1975. Irene portrays her life living with Paul, her husband who was sent to Viet Nam twice and came home addicted to heroin in 1971.
It is the story of her tumultuous relationship with Paul and caring for her little son Paulie while her husband is trying to get straight with little success.
She adequately portrays what it is like to live with an addict and how it is a family disease.
She soon leaves Paul and moves to the pacific northwest with her husband Arthur.
It goes on from there with her earlier years going back and forth in the novel.
It has a wonderful but sad ending yet a book you would love to read.
Sadly. my beautiful sister passed away on January 14,2017 and is enjoying herself on the heavenly realm (so she tells me!)
You can get the book on any bookstore website or bookstores in the USA.
Kate Genovese

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