HI everyone,

This is Kate Genovese, author of hat Tricks from heaven. I stated I would have this published by May 2017- then I changed it to Jun 2017. Unfortunately, it will be out by September 2017.
Writing about my son Geno’s accidental overdose is harder then I thought emotionally.
I go back to 1969 when I met my husband, giving you readers a bit of background about the Genovese family and my other two children.
It is bittersweet. I had so much fun with Geno, bringing him up was a gift from God…….we enjoyed his entire life- even through his addiction……..seeing him try to get well, struggle at times, overdose and live four times- at least I knew he was trying to get the old Geno back- the Geno with his beautiful warm smile and the twinkle in his eyes.
I miss him running and jumping on our bed at four and even sitting on the edge talking to us with tears, telling us he felt hopeless……he was in a lot of pain physically and emotionally; spiritually he was trying to make a connection with God and for that, I know he is on the heavenly realm somewhere.
I went to a medium….he brought up the fact he knew I was writing a book, knew the name,, and told us what it was like in God’s world.
He had guides, teachers, helping him to understand we should love one another-there should be no anger or hate…he said so much more. he was with his cousins, aunt and uncles- he was at peace- the demons had left him and he was finally out of pain, physically and emotionally.
So look for my book in a couple of months- I hope it helps everyone at all ages.
Addiction is treatable- don’t give up hope. Please check my friend Paul Kusiaks website www./drugfree.org

Blessings to you all!

Kate Genovese

hope with addiction

See you in heaven Geno

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